muzykaBalm for my soul, sounds, prayers, catharsis, the chance for me to express myself, variety, meditation and a moment of being on my own.

Music has always been present in my life and it will still be there. I can’t imagine my days without it. I don’t need to look for sounds suitable for me – I found a lot of artists who are like soul mates. When I listen to music I am able to leave all mundane things and focus only on sounds…


My first meeting with music was completely innocent. I was a one-year-old girl and when I heard first beats of the most popular songs in 90s. I looked for a chair so that I could stand up and move my hips. My parents still can’t believe that a little baby who was not able to walk alone, found a way to dance with a company of a chair 🙂 Of course, it wasn’t the end of my big dance adventure and I danced in a group of modern dance. Also, I studied ballroom dance and I figured out the mystery of belly dance. Everything had a reason – I really wanted to feel music with my whole body as I heard in a quotation „My body is a sanctuary and my dance is a prayer.”


Someone would think that I fell in love with keyboard (however, who knows, maybe the piano was a reason for that 🙂 ). As a little child I was interested in instruments. Firstly, I wanted to play the guitar and I made some attempts to learn it by myself. Somehow I was successful – I learnt some chords. Then, I decided to play the piano and I went to school. After six years, I graduated and I was able to play the piano (as well as keyboard). Every time I hear sounds of the piano I’m very moved and when the violin accompanies the piano… I am able to switch off completely.


How does my life look like? For sure, there’s no stillness in it. I can’t sit in a complete silence – I need sounds to work. That’s why during my travels I need my headphones. When I come back home I play my favorite playlist or the song which is in my mind. If I can’t do it, I start singing.

I’m inspired by so many musicians and their music genres. I encourage you to read about them:

Ariana Grande
Beata Kozidrak
Dead Can Dance
Hans Zimmer
Justyna Steczkowska
Mariah Carey
Renata Przemyk