An Irish soul, musician and mezzo-soprano. A woman whose voice cures … Apparently, she creates simple songs which actually have some deepness…

Enya’s got her own, unique style. She’s faithful to it and that’s why she’s recognizable. It doesn’t matter if we take her first album or the latest – Enya is Enya – from a very beginning to the end. Her voice is soothing… As well as her music – it always makes me feel calm and I am able to find my inner harmony. That’s the reason I admire her. What’s more, her unique style has always inspired me to search for new sounds… She’s never been a part of a crowd, however, she’s been able to gain audience’s respect and she has inspired lots of people. I’d like to thank her one day. Additionally, I can hear Celtic sounds in her songs which compared with new age seem to be unearthly, timeless and above all – cathartic.


If there’s a person who thinks that he or she doesn’t know any of her songs, he or she should think twice. There are people who haven’t read or watched „The Lord of the Rings”, but I’m sure that the piece „May It Be” is known by most of you. It’s a very little mood ballad which shows Enya’s incredible voice scale. Her voice connected with lazy sounds of violin and the choir make the recipients move to a land known only to them. Then, there is one thought in my mind: „May it be what may become”. I close my eyes and I swim in delicate, white clouds where no-one can get but me. That’s why I love Enya’s music and although all her songs are similar, all of them move me to a silent, peaceful land where nobody and nothing is able to disturb me till I decide to come back. And isn’t her music created for fantasy world full of elves, dragons and drafts? Her voice reminds me a magic singing of unearthly creatures and sounds which draw far and unreal lands… What a fairy tale…


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