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Have you ever thought that such a huge festival would be in the virtual world? I don’t think so. However, it turned out that during this strange time everything is possible. The Krakow Film Music Festival had to take place!


Q&A – that was the part of FMF which consists of interviews. Some of them were focused on the past events (concerts that have already happened). The other were based on the future events (concerts that were seemed to be this year but due to the current situation they had to be postponed to the next year). Each guest had a change to remind us about past editions and share their own experiences and also talk about the future plans.

I was really curious about the interview with Aleksander Dębicz who talked to Jadwiga Polus (Rmf Classic presenter). They were discussing previous concerts and the Cinema Chorale concert which will take place next year. Aleksander tried to explain how he managed to change choir’s score into the piano and saxophone version. He did it perfect! Intershtellar’s theme (Hans Zimmer) was amazing – I had shivers!

All interviews from the Q&A FMF Online are available here:
Aleksander Dębicz
Jean Michel Bernard
Diego Navarro
Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli
Harry Gregson-Williams
Natalia Nykiel

FMF Online


These were series of a few minutes’ lives from studio. That was a glimpse of next year’s concerts. I watched all the videos and I can’t wait till next year’s edition to listen to all of it live.

I must admit that I was impressed the most by the main theme from The Secret Game with an enormous orchestra conducted by Łukasz Targosz. Being aware of the fact that it was such a huge project online with a great amount of people involved, makes me feel really proud. Polish people can create masterpieces!

I need to congratulate Ania Karwan – I have been watching her since 2018 when I heard her voice live for the first time during the Video Games Gala. I was delighted by her unique voice which is perfectly fitted to the world of film and video music. For me, she is a global artist and at the same time she is very sensitive, not only to music, but also to other people.

Here are Lives from Studio of this year’s FMF Online:
Aleksander Dębicz & Szymon Nidzworski
Łukasz Targosz & Let’s Play Together Orchestra
Maciej Zieliński
Natasza Urbańska
Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli
Pop Culture Band
Marcin Jajkiewicz & córki


That was a concert I really wanted to take part in, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Luckily, this year it was online. I sat in front of my laptop and started to listen to these amazing choir’s arrangements. I am a choralist, maybe not a professional one, but I know how difficult it is to sing with other voices such scores.

During the concert there were two pieces I liked the most – the first one was Angele Dei from the movie Mission. I guess it is not a surprise if you are a huge fan of Ennio Morricone’s music (Ennio Morricone’s concert). ). The second theme, which moved me a lot, was Agnus Dei from the movie The Scarlet Letter.

I was touched by Pro Musica Mundi Choir’s performance that much that I couldn’t calm down after the concert. As a soprano, I was enchanted by the delightful high woman’s voice. They didn’t shout and they didn’t fight with notes – it was perfect, and I got shivers. Pro Musica Mundi Choir – you are masters of the masters! 

Watch the concert: Cinema Chorale


That’s the only concert I guess that I can’t forget myself I wasn’t there. I am so thankful to the FMF’s crew for this online festival.

The first excitement came when I heard the music of Bartosz Chajdecki. I believe that Polish composers are as brilliant as the internationally-known ones. Tina Guo’s cello solo was outstanding! You must hear it because it’s too difficult to describe all the emotions during this performance.


The next surprise for me was the theme from Dexter performed not only by the orchestra but also by its composer. Daniel Licht and Norman Kim were playing all kind of things that aren’t instruments and they made a real show together with the orchestra. It’s such a loss that we won’t be able to see something like that again. We miss Daniel Licht so much.


A suite from The Pack (Łukasz Targosz) was outstanding! It’s a pure land of excitement! Łukasz Targosz is a very talented composer and he composes global music. Additionaly, Tina Guo’s cello solo and the voice of Ania Karwan made this piece perfect. You don’t exist at this very moment and your body feels and touches every sound. Masterpiece!

I haven’t known the soundtrack of The Dovekeepers as well as the serial itself. However, there was pure magic when I heard the flute solo by Sara Andon at Tauron Arena Krakow. Jeff Beal, the composer, wrote an amazing score but the flute made it even more beautiful. I was completely moved and speechless.


We came to the end of the concert and my emotions were almost at the highest peak. Trevor Morris stood in front of the orchestra and I heard a suite from the Vikings. When I heard Einar Selvik singing and playing, I almost melted down. It was hard to say whether I was in heaven, on the other planet, in the distant past or in the wonderland. I was extremely delighted.

Then, the final came! There was a suite from The Game of Thrones (Ramin Djawadi). Again, there was a brilliant cello solo by Tina Guo and after that, the deep tones of theSinfonietta Cracovia Orchestra and the Polish Radio Choir. It was a beautiful performance, basically – out of the world. What is more, when I saw the conductor – Diego Navarro – I was moved. He felt every single sound and was flowing with the music. I love observing him at the stage. He was even singing with the choir!

Watch the concert: TV Series Gala


For me, there is no such a beautiful and unique moment as listening to film music. I can fly to another world where there are no negative feelings and emotions. That’s why I love film music and Film Music Festival in Krakow. It’s an endless amount of excitement, shivers and delight. I admire the way all the Artists sing and play during this event. They do it from the bottom of their hearts and it is just heart-warming.

During the FMF Online there were five more concerts which you can watch here (despite the Disney’s Concert):
Cinematic Piano: Lion.
Cinematic Piano: Jean-Michel Bernard
10th Anniversary Gala (also see my article about it: here)
Film Music Gala: Animations

FMF Online

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