Non-material or symbolic culture. The one that makes its mark in the world. The one which may be used by new generations. The one that meets esthetic and beauty needs.

We live in the age of technology and all kinds of culture are available. We need the Internet to make the world open to us. Unfortunately, mass culture has the leading role today because it’s present everywhere and it’s difficult to break away. Anyway, there are some people (at least I believe they exist) who look for more. They look for original and unique things. Things which are not common but if you want to find them, you’ll do it without any obstacles.


Let’s focus on music (it’s the element of culture indeed). Now, let’s think about music offered by radio, television and music network – do they have what we are searching for? Is that really what we want to listen to all the time (with the fact that we have no choice)? It seems that everything changes and people become more aware of hidden and not popular things because we want to discover them ourselves.


I don’t listen to the radio very often and I cut down on watching TV just because I don’t find it interesting and worth looking for. Of course, there are some radios which are not commercial and they’re not influences by masses, but it’s very rare. I’m focusing on music but I think it’s the best example to confirm my words. Someone like me needs a specific music genres, only a few of singers who are not so popular. However, there are some exceptions so we can’t generalize. Anyway, I prefer playing my own playlist which I want to listen than mass products with poor lyrics, simple chords. Maybe they are catchy but they don’t have any sense…

9th Krakow Film Music Festival