A wide vocal scale and AN efficient voice. A young generation of vocalists who gives a new quality to the music industry. A girl who has an idea and she does everything to create her own, original and unusual image.

Ariana Grande – a new singer who is a fresh voice in the world of music industry. She is often compared and called a junior Mariah Carey of all teenagers. Is it true? At first glance, she looks like Carey and her style seems to be similar. When you listen to her songs, you may wonder if her voice may be different. But that’s the first impression… And I thought like that. Firstly, I consciously tried not to listen to her – she can’t be the copy of my idol from my childhood… But she wasn’t.

Ariana has an amazing voice which in some pieces may be similar to Carey’s but they’re not the same. The first song I heard was „Dangerous Woman” – I felt nothing about it so I left it alone. Then, after some time, I came across the song „Into You” and I was surprised. For sure, Ariana isn’t Mariah’s double!


A new CD album „Dangerous Woman” has already been released and I decided to give Ariana one more chance. She enchanted me. Her voice is incredible… Maybe despite her voice, she has nothing unusual to give to the audience, and she is like other young singers… But I’m not the right person to criticize, because I don’t follow the new generation of vocalists, especially those from abroad. Even though she has nothing new to show, is it bad?

Ariana is almost at my age, and she achieved so many things – isn’t that the reason to be inspired by her? Isn’t it a good time to see that someone who lives on the other side of the ocean tries to be someone in this big world of money? For me, Ariana has her own style – at first sight, she looks like a little, innocent girl who becomes a sensual, full of sexiness, dangerous woman who has an ace up her sleeve – her voice, beautiful body and wisdom. If she doesn’t rest on her laurels and still works hard, she will be able to surprise us many times. I keep fingers crossed and I am inspired by her newest album – not only in a case of music, but also in a case of lyrics – she bought me.


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