I can’t write about plays as a critic and I’m not going to do it. I wasn’t really into theater „behind the scenes”. As a child, I used to act in different performances – some of them were shorter, some of them were longer, but it wasn’t a big experience. That is why I can write about the theater in only one possible way – as a viewer and a person who sometimes likes watching something different to films displayed on TV.
Tramwaj zwany pożądaniem
Fot. Piotr Kubic


This post is not going to be a long description or even a review of the play. I just want to share with you my short reflections connected with the performance I saw in the Bagatela Theater in Krakow. I was aware of this choice – no one encouraged me to buy a ticket and no one told me „You’d better go, because…!”. This decision was made on my own. And it happened because a sudden curiosity came across my mind when I saw another play in this theater called „Najdroższy” (Cher trèsor). The curiosity was based on an actress who I knew from the television (mainly from series) and it was Magdalena Walach.
Tramwaj zwany pożądaniem
fot. Piotr Kubic
“A Streetcar Named Desire”, directed by Dariusz Starczewski, is an absolutely tough play for a common recipient but now I know that it’s worth watching it. I’m not going to focus on the plot because there are several pages where one may read about it. The more ambition one may even find the full version of Williams’ drama. As far as the given performance is concerned, I must admit that I’m completely enchanted by it for some reasons.
Tramwaj zwany pożądaniem
Fot. Piotr Kubic
First of all – acting. As I mentioned before, I’m not a specialist. However, as a viewer I also have some expectations. When I decided to watch this play, I wanted to feel some deep emotions and have some reflections which come thanks to acting.
It was like that. Magdalena Walach, who played Blanche DuBois, was phenomenal. At the end of the performance, I was deeply touched by her madness. I could barely breathe and my heart was beating so hard. I was able to move from one edge emotion to the other and I couldn’t help it. Although I couldn’t see all Magdalena Walach’s skills in the previous play, now, in “A Streetcar Named Desire”,  I watched a very wide range of her gifts.
The second amazing actor was Michał Kościuk who actually made his debut as Stanley Kowalski. He was destined to this role when I saw him the very first time. He looked as an ordinary man who wanted to be an alpha man. When he shouted ”Stella!” some people (including me) jumped in the seat. He was a very hypnotizing character. They created a special contradiction which was desired for this roles along with Magdalena Walach.
Tramwaj zwany pożądaniem
Fot. Piotr Kubic
Secondly, two episodes which will remain in my memory for a long time. One of them was a man who was sitting in the audience. The main character was talking to him. He was very charming in his absent-mindeness and abashment. He seemed to be real and I had no doubt that he was a random viewer. Chapeau bas Kosma Szyman! He made me believe that he was a completely different person.
The second episode was the appearance of the Mexican lady in black. Renata Przemyk played this role. I couldn’t imagine anyone else who would be as dark and mysterious as she was. When she started to sing, I had shivers running over my entire body. It was a unique and touching song which gave more drama to the performance. Renata’s voice will always surprise me and hypnotize me.
Finally – cultural issue. For someone like me, who studied English and Culture, this drama is something more than a story about an old, unstable teacher. It shows some changes after the Civil War which were completely invisible for the main character. When I was looking through different materials focused on this play, I came across the English title: ”A Streetcar Named Desire” and what happened? Tennessee Williams was a playwright who I’ve heard a lot about during my studies and I’m sure that this play was also analyzed but… I forgot about it 😉
To sum up, I’m enchanted by ”A Streetcar Named Desire” play and I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t got any opportunity to watch it. The theme is timeless and these three elements I mentioned above, seem to encourage me to see it one more time! I don’t regret watching this play during my winter vacation.