Welcome to my website dedicated to my artistic work – poems, translations and other written texts. I decided to devote this space to the sources of my inspiration. What’s more, I’d like to share with you my emotions and experience connected with culture in a broad sense and travels.

I had some doubts whether I should show you a little piece of my soul but I have finally found the aim – I’m able to find myself in the universe. It’s a hard task and I can’t say that I’ve already done it. However I think that the path which I choose has an unknown sense…

My first idea was to publish only my poems here, but after some time, influenced by other people, I decided to spread my wings and share with you my stories, translations, narratives from cultural events and travels.

When I write these short or sometimes longs verses, words and metaphors I want to catch the moment, emotions and feelings which are deep in my heart. It’s a kind of catharsis and I believe that it’s not only my moment of purgation.

What’s more, I decided to share with you my experiences connected with concerts where I have been to as well as travels to the places which have been printed in my memory. I want to describe them not only by a written word but also by some images or short videos.

I’d like, from here, to encourage all of you to share all your comments and opinions with me. Maybe you have similar feelings about some places or events.

All texts are my own texts and they might be subjective in the case of my emotions or feelings as well as my interests and needs so it’s obvious that some of you might disagree with me!

This site is not only to show you my inspirations, but above all, it should be for you… I have one dream and I believe it will come true. May all people who will visit this site read at least one poem, story, translation or narrative and find a part of his or her soul and world in it.

Paulina Merz