Hans Zimmer liveThe world-renowned composer, the author of the most popular soundtracks, the remarkable musician but also the master of ceremonies who is not afraid of public performance. In two words – a musical genius!

Hans Zimmer is a brilliant German composer. Even if someone doesn’t know his name, he or she knows his pieces. I won’t believe that it’s not the truth. His a genius in his field. His music changes from a very moving and terrify to the energetic and joyful. Obviously, there are themes which are repeatable in his compositions but that’s why I admire him. He created his own style which suits different emotions and moods so that’s why we can hear his music in dramas, action films or animated films. He’s got a lot of folks who want to compose and play concerts with him. For example, a violoncellist Tina Guo, a vocalist Lisa Gerrard or even Polish bassist – Aleksander Milwiw-Baron. Whether anyone likes it or not, Hans Zimmer is a brand himself, especially in film music industry where he’s very esteemed. The Krakow Film Music Festival earned recognition throughout the world due to Hans Zimmer’s support.

“Krakovians, you have the best film music festival in the world!”

(Hans Zimmer’s quote during his own concert in Tauron Arena Krakow)


I had a chance to observe Zimmer during his concerts twice and he’s incredible! He often stands on the scene in his purple jacket and he looks very humble, however he’s able to make the audience take to him. He’s perfect as an MC – he moves smoothly among his pieces and he brings the appropriate mood. Sometimes he jokes and tells funny anecdotes which happened in his life to  perform after a while, for example the suit from „The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Then, he’s very moved and he tells a story of people who were shot to death. After that, he plays the suit from „Dark Knight”. One thing is sure, when you listen to his music performed by a huge orchestra and accompanied by an incredible trick of the light in the Arena hall with other fans of film music, you experience wonderful moments which will be printed in your memory for ever. At home, listening to his music won’t be the same because it will be enriched by emotions and feelings you had during the concert.


For me, Hans Zimmer is an enormous inspiration. His music has a calming effect on me and I love dwelling on his world of sounds. In my opinion, this artists has a strong musical sensibility which he’s able to show. „Gladiator” is a film which everyone should know. Who composed the music? Guess… Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard made it – two musicians who created a masterpiece. What about „The Lion King”? Music, which on the one hand promises joy and happiness, on the other hand makes us cry… That’s Hans Zimmer’s work.


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