He is an extraordinary, charismatic conductor who stands behind the music stand and expressively waves his baton. Also, he is an amazing composer of film music for animated films and serious, touching dramas. Privately, Diego Navarro is a man full of optimism and positive energy.

The photo comes from my private archive (FMF 2017)

I don’t know another conductor like that

It’s been a while since I fell in love with watching various conductors. It happens during my choir adventures, the Film Music Festival in Krakow or other concerts in which the orchestra and / or the choir take part. Each time I paid special attention to the conductor. His/her movements, facial expressions and the way he/she conducts an orchestra or choir.

During the 7th Film Music Festival (by the way my first festival as a volunteer) I had the opportunity to look at Diego Navarro. What this man does behind the music stand is pure magic. He has a lot of expression and energy – he dances with his whole body, even though he stands still. Diego flows with sounds and often hums choir parts. He lives and breathes music and you can see the emotions written on his face. Each time he is very focused on rehearsals and trains persistently to achieve his goal.

Diego is simply created to be a conductor! I am happy to observe him on stage during rehearsals and concerts. There is no other person who is so energetic and lives and breathes music! Well, maybe the sorceress Eimear Noone.

Fulfillment in composing

Diego Navarro has been interested in composing since he was a child. At the age of 13, his composition was performed for the first time at one of the concerts.

Nowadays, Diego is one of the main composers of film music in Spain. At first it was hard for me to reach his composition at all. Thanks to platforms like Spotify it becomes possible. When I listen to his soundtracks, I can’t help feeling that it contains influences of all his idols from the world of film music. But above all, I can “feel” his soul and sensitivity in them.

A positive man

And what is Diego Navarro like privately when he is not on the stage and does not have to focus on the score? He is an embodiment of positive energy, smile and joyful spontaneity. A typical mentality of southern countries flows in his veins. He is not grumpy and does not complain about everything around him. Instead, he spreads a smile, talks, prefers to hand out in a pub rather than hang around official banquets.

The photo comes from my private archive (FMF 2019)

A completely normal person you want to spend time with. He will always help, give a smile, talk, show great gratitude for even the smallest help and will not behave like he is better, smarter or cooler. He can talk for hours about Tenerife, where he comes from, film music and the whole festival world.

Why does he inspire me?

All of the above words really explain why Diego Navarro is an inspirational character to me. I will sum it up anyway. Since 2016, when I first saw and met Diego, I felt extremely positive vibrations coming from him. He shows me the magical world of music, which does not have to be expressed only by sound. He brings out emotions that I can experience with him. In addition, he is a very nice and kind man who treats everyone equally. His smile is enough to become happy all of a sudden.

I love him for being so straightforward! I always wait for even the shortest meeting with him because the amount of positive energy that he has is infectiously huge. You can forget about problems and worries for a moment.

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