One of a few women who are famous in composers’ and film music’s world. A woman of an incredible power, charisma and energy. A sorceress who creates her own world using sounds. She is an extremely inspiring creature for me.
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It was completely unexpected. I knew that during the 11th Krakow Film Music Festival, there will be a woman composer and conductor but I have not known a lot about her. The only thing I have been aware of, was the fact that Eímear Noone composed some music for the World of Warcraft game. The first time I saw her was when she stood in front of the orchestra and the choir and she was conducting so naturally and really expressional. There were no moments of doubt, her every single move was clear and considered. She really looked like a sorceress. She was moving smoothly to the rhythm of the music and it let the orchestra and the choir to flow through the music’s world.

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During the Video Games Music Gala I got shivers on my body more than once, but probably, there was nothing more touching than two pieces of Eímear Noone. The first one was „Malach” which has a really moving story behind it and the whole song has completely different sense when you know this story. The second song was a world premiere. It was a „Life Line” song for a „Runes of Aran” game. Every sound, every note went directly to my soul. What is more, Ania Karwan’s voice made it special. I was watching Eímear Noone while she was conducting and I felt like I was in a different world full of magic. I was completely enchanted.


There was an intermission after Eímear’s pieces. The composer was talking to her fans and she took some photos with them. I decided to take a photo with her, too. I wanted to thank her for all those emotions and I said that she was a powerful woman. I was really moved when she said that every women were strong and she was extremely humble and kind. She is so confident and aware of her value but at the same time she, as an artist, can find the humility in herself and she does not look down on anyone.

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After this concert I was thinking about different issues. One of them was my dream to discover how Eímear Noone composes. I was wondering how it is possible that she was able to become famous in this harsh, male world. I fell asleep with this question in my mind and I wanted to meet her one day and find out the answer. As soon as I woke up the following day I got a chance to spend a few hours with Eímear. I was aware that it was a unique situation and I decided to take advantage of it as much as I could. We talked a lot. And after that, I must admit that this woman is so inspiring to me. Her life is so hard and she has a power to fight and create great things against all odds.

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I always wonder if there is a moment of afflatus while I am among many different artists. I had some during my travels or at night when I was listening to my favorite sounds. I had a chance to see such afflatus when I spent some time with Eímear.

We were walking near the Wawel Castle when I noticed that Eímear was listening to horses’ hoofbeat. There was nothing strange about it, since she was walking straight ahead and she was not conscious of the people and obstacles in front of her. I kept her pace and saw that she had a small piece of paper and she was writing notes on it. I am not sure but it looked like the sound of hoofbeat. Nevertheless, it was a real moment of afflatus. It was so magical to me and I still cannot get over it. Maybe one day we will be able to listen to the new Eímear’s composition which will be a record of this Krakow walk. Who knows?


It was hard to come back to reality after Krakow Film Music Festival but the music from this event was still on my mind and it gave me power. I wanted to know more about artists who attended this edition and I read different interviews with Eímear Noone . I follow her media profiles and her website. I found out so many fascinating information about her and she became my inspiration.

She is a woman who struggles with problems but she has a power and ambition to gain everything she wants. She does not give up and she proves everyday that she is destined for great things. Despite all of these, she is a flesh and blood artist who lives in her own world and to see such an artist is a very inspirational and magical moment. She is a real music sorceress. I hope that she will not be an inspiration for me only, but also for all women who think that they are worthless. Eímear Noone is a perfect example that such thinking is wrong and every women is valuable.



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