Video Games Music Gala
Photo: Alicja Wróblewska
Thousands of video games music fans, lots of composers, wonderful artists and what is the most important – a huge amount of emotions.  That’s basically my description of the Video Game Music Gala which I was looking forward to and it did nOt disappointed me.



Rehearsal time was hard to me but I am glad that I have been given such a chance. The amount of composers, conductors and artists was enormous and I was there to help everyone, even with their little problems. Now I know I did my best and dedicated my whole heart, passion and warmth to these people. Rehearsals taught me patience and huge responsibility which we had during this event. One thing is for sure, I learnt a lot and what is more important – I started to learn myself from the very beginning.

Video Games Music Gala
Photo: Alicja Wróblewska

Here, I would like to write an outline of this concert. And when it comes to it, it was worth being there, however it was completely different from the film music gala or series music gala. There were a few things which made this concert professional and incredible. I am sure that a lot of creativity was given to this event. There were animations which showed excerpts from the games and then, they were becoming objects which presented artists who were playing or sining. It needed a lot of effort to know the scores by heart and be able to show instruments or artists at the moment their were playing.  For sure,  Beethoven Academy Orchestra and Pro Musica Mundi Choir contributed a lot to this gala. They were makers of the greatest emotions and feelings. The only drawback I noticed was the fact that it lasted too long and some suits could have been shorter.

Video Games Music Gala
Photo: Alicja Wróblewska

The announcement of the Silent Hill piece introduced a very anxious and melancholic mood. Daniel Licht, a composer who has passed away recently, was mentioned.  What is more, it was the world premiere and there were two charismatic soloists.  At the beginning, I got shivers on my skin, and when Norman Kim started to play the electric mandolin and sing really incredibly, I was completely touched. This piece was divided into more melancholic parts and more anxious ones. The recipient followed every single sound sight unseen. First, I felt a huge anxiety when I heard this piece. Actually, it was difficult to describe what happens to me when I listen to such an emotional music. Finally, Tina Guo was playing her cello and I almost burst into tears. I was really moved. I do not remember any concert I was attending to be as touching like this. I got goosebumps on most of my body and after the last note I was completely speechless.

Video Games Music Gala
Photo: Alicja Wróblewska

I have never seen a festival concert conducted by a woman before. This edition was different when it comes to it. During rehearsals I saw Eimear Noone for the first time – she got out of a car and I enchanted by her. This unassuming woman was there to hypnotize all of us and take to the other world. I was sitting in front of the stage and I wanted to watch her. I needed to see into Eimear. When she started conducting I felt that I was surrounded by some unknown magic and I cannot look away. I was listening to every single note of Malach. Provided that Silent Hill was anxious, actually Malach was full of agony, amazing sounds which brought me Orient or Celtic worlds . What is more, Eimear had a baton and it gave me an impression that she was a wizard which painted sounds gently and then, casted spells and death curses. It was something unusual. After this, there won’t be anyone strong enough to persuade me that women cannot do anything.


Another world premiere was introduced. Another piece of Eimear Noone which was completely different from the previous one. At first, it seemed that it was a very pleasant ballad.  There were little instruments at the beginning and Ania Karwan’s beautiful voice which concealed some magic. Actually, it was similar to conductor’s magic. And then, a sudden change which was a complete blast. There was a loud entrance of instruments and Ania’s acute vocalization – those two things made me shivering. I wanted to last in it forever. Finally, there was a calm ending which lead to the total silence. It’s worth going to concerts like this for these emotions.

Video Games Music Gala
Photo: Alicja Wróblewska

As a video game fan, I had a chance to play Assassin’s Creed (mainly with Jesper Kyd’s musicand I am so happy that during this concert they decided to present suites from the parts I have been playing and which I admired a lot. Ania Karwan showed that she matched perfectly to this mood and the Pro Musica Mundi Choir energized this piece. All bow instruments made this suit more powerful and I wanted to close my eyes and go to a completely different world.


VIDEO GAMES MUSIC GALA was a very emotional experience. I mentioned only a few pieces which are still on my mind but suits from the Witcher or Final Fantasy were also magnificent. I am glad that I could be a part of this concert and I could help all of these amazing people. Thank for their music and presence at this year’s concert and especially, I want to thank people such as: Ludwig Wicki, Eimear Noone, Austin Wintory, Sara Andon, Tina Guo and many others who shared their passion and love to music with me.


Michael Giacchino – Medal of Honor Suite
Daniel Licht – Silent Hill Suite
Austin Wintory – Journey: Apotheosis
Austin Wintory – ABZÛ: Delphinus delphis
Austin Wintory – Assasin’s Creed Syndicate: Ballet of Blades
Richard Jacques – Headhunter Concert Suite
FMF Young Talent Award Winning Suite
Richard Jacques – James Bond 007: Blood Stone: Athens Harbour Chase
Eímear Noone – World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor: Malach, Angel Messenger
Eímear Noone – Lifeline


Marcin Przybyłowicz, Jan Sanejko – Phantom Doctrine Suite
Piotr Musiał, Marcin Przybyłowicz i Mikołaj Stroiński – The Witcher 3 Suite
Jesper Kyd – Assassin’s Creed 2 / Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Suite
Jesper Kyd – Jesper Kyd – Assassin’s Creed – Ezio’s Family Concert Version
Jesper Kyd – Hitman 2: Silent Assassin / Hitman: Blood Money Suite
Elliot Goldenthal – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Suite
Chris Drake – Batman: Arkham Villains Suite
Chris Drake – Batman: Arkham Origins Suite


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